FireFi progress weekly

I. Technical Progress

  • Firevault Safe Smart Contract with Abi interface, release V1.00 Beta on ETH;
  • The interface data format of FireFi-ID module is standardized, and the FireFi-ID mobile interface is optimized according to Ui layout and business logic
  • DAPP DEBUG MNEMONIC backup restore block chain Wallet Account Process;
  • The FIREFI Mine Pool Contract and the safe deposit box contract start docking;
  • Ensure that return results with no normal cause are not ignored;
  • Remove redundant generic;
  • The BUMP ACALA type;
  • Adjust the runtime macro;
  • Planning the Fire-NFT module;
  • Improving the Off-Chain worker iteration strategy;
  • Improving the Off-Chain worker iterator;

2. Progress of operations

  • Do Community work on Facebook/twitter/reddit/Medium channels to attract media and blockchain enthusiasts.
  • Carry on the DAPP user feedback survey to the community, further optimize the demand.
  • Layout off-line meeting, planning and briefing process




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